Thursday, April 28, 2005

Review: Austin's chair - Part 2

DesignAddict forum member and Barcelona chair owner Austin was the first to review his chair from in this blog.

When he compared his Barcelona chair to the one by Knoll, he noticed differences in leather blackness and shininess that he couldn't account for. So Austin decided to try his luck with applying a nutritive leather oil. Here's what he found:

As I received my leather oil, I could finally solve the shiny and black enigma.

In the pictures you can see the same shiny aspect I've seen on the Knoll. It seems blacker than before.

I took the pictures just after having oiled the chair, it seems very "greasy", the flash did not help either... But this morning, it was perfect!

Nutritive leather oil

After oil treatment

Top view

When I asked Austin about the lighter colored sides of the straps he acknowledged a color difference too, but it hasn't bothered him so far. It could be an issue to some, though.

To wrap up: here are some additional pictures showing interesting details of the Barcelona chair.

Close-up of legs

Close-up of rivet

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