Monday, April 25, 2005

Documentary: Regular or Super - Views on Mies van der Rohe

If you're capable of receiving Dutch television: NPS's program "Het Uur van de Wolf" (The Hour of the Wolf) will be broadcasting tonight the award winning documentary Regular or Super - Views on Mies van der Rohe by Joseph Hillel and Patrick Demers.

For those who can't watch it: there's a neat little trailer on the production company's site too.


After the Seagram Building in New York, the Toronto-Dominion Centre in Toronto, the New National Gallery in Berlin and the Lake Shore Drive Apartment Bldgs in Chicago, the fabled architect Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969) designed a gas station near Montreal in 1968. This simple and utilitarian building reflects the divergent views held by experts and laymen regarding "everyday" structures, which most of us tend to ignore.

In addition to exploring the interplay of form and function in the works of Mies, this film gauges our awareness of architectural language and the role of the architect in society. Observations from some superstars of the world of architecture, including Rem Koolhaas, Elizabeth Diller and Phyllis Lambert, are interlaced with anecdotes from regular people who come into daily contact with the eminent architect's work. Original soundtrack is composed by acclaimed Ramachandra Borcar (a.k.a. DJ Ram).

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